At present, women are more willing to spend on a handbag than on a vacation or even a car – and they want to show it off to the world. Dating back to sages, handbags were an article of need for women. It was a must-have as it helped in carrying around money and other personal items as most of the clothing was yet to be introduced with pockets. And not just that – A woman’s role was majorly domestic and she would safeguard her possessions by tucking it into the folds of her clothes. But what happened next? Women started leaving their homes, both for leisure and work, and bags became the next must-have item to carry around their belongings. Yet, bags were becoming an It-thing and became very desirable owing to their unique outward statement of a woman’s status, fashion taste as well as earning power.

Every woman has a particular style obsession. Some love having 50 pairs of earrings or some go after branded shoes. And some women, have an endless bond with handbags! The countless number of modish styles makes a woman go crazy over handbags, and these have the power to make women feel incomplete as they step out. This is when bags started coming into the picture in a variety of styles and designs to suit different occasions and needs. From clutches and cross-body bags to structured top handle bags and totes – owning every kind of handbag is now a must! This proves that, with time, as fashion started evolving, handbags became an article of want – the desire for it was merely because it complemented outfits and made it easier to carry around our ultimate daily survival kit of mobile phones, tampons, make-up, money, keys and change of clothes. Clutches became a thing to carry around the phone, tissues, cash and lipstick when one was off to a party. This even complemented outfits by adding a different colour or texture to the complete ensemble. In addition to this, cross-body bags were vital to be a part of the wardrobe when one wanted to keep their hands free and this became the perfect choice when they had to run errands or travel around the city. And to the busy girl on the go – tote bags became the companion when needed to pack a lot of items such as laptop, shoes, makeup and even books!

But what about having a collection of designer handbags? – The ones you have displayed with utmost care in your closet. These are bags that you have lusted over for years and could never afford it. And as time helped you in saving up for it, you finally purchased the most expensive pick to use it till end of time or maybe even pass it on to your off-springs. These handbags, with the features of great quality and beauty, are merely purchased out of your want. Hence, handbags can be referred to as a need while it can also be considered as a want.